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Sherlock Holmes picture scramble - Watch out!  It's wickedly addictive. 

Ask Sherlock - Are you mulling over a yes or no question?  Why not ask an expert in deductive reasoning?  Sherlock Holmes is at your service. 

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Matching Game -  Test your knowledge by matching the first line of the Sherlock Holmes story to its title. 

Concentration - Exercise your memory with this Sherlockian concentration game.

Sherlock Holmes Crossword Puzzle - Try our online crossword puzzle.

Sherlock Holmes Title Game - How well do you really know the adventures of Sherlock Holmes?  Test your knowledge by completing the titles to these Sherlock Holmes stories.

The Lost World - Are you a true Lost World fan?  If so, you'll enjoy this multiple choice game.



The Chronicles of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes is just the beginning...

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